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This site will provide you with all the information you need to understand the diversity of Nass River Steelhead Co.  We offer Helicopter fly fishing for Steelhead and Chinook Salmon in some of the most remote corners of British Columbia.  Our homebase is in Terrace, BC.  This area is well known for Steelhead, Salmon fishing, and offers some of the most productive fly fishing waters British Columbia has to offer.  Access to our fishing grounds is Via Helicopter only!.  We use Aires Rafts to access the pools once on the water.  We slide our rafts off the beach at the beginning of the day, and call for a helicopter pickup via VHF Radio at the end of the fishing day. Join Nass River Steelhead Co. for a truly unique flyfishing experience in the heart of the BC Wilderness.  We are passionate about these fish and the rivers they swim in.


Steelhead Paradise.

Skeena 4 Classified Rod Days.

May. 25, 2014
Skeena 4 Classified Waters Licence
Nass River Steelhead has recently received 100 Classified Rod days on a very productive Section of the Skeena River East of Terrace BC. This Section of river is roughly 38 Km long and considered to be Mid-Skeena. The species targeted in this section will be Chinook, Steelhead and Coho. The timeframe for opening is July 1 to Dec 31 each season. We will be booking this section of river for 2015. Please contact Steve McPhail if you require any additional information. All contact information can be found on the Contact Page.


Steve McPhail